UAE National Flag Day Activities for Kids

Looking for UAE inspired craft and Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarten kids? Here are some fun ways to celebrate UAE Flag Day or National Day along with some amazing free UAE Theme Printables.

Being an expat in UAE, learning about the new culture and traditions is so important.

I believe studying about various cultures and nations helps in incredible personal growth and also broadens the horizon.

Holidays and National Days are great to gain some knowledge about the nation and its culture.

UAE Flag Day is celebrated every year on November 3.

UAE National Day is celebrated on December 2.

Grab these free printables to get started.

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Fun Activities to Celebrate UAE National and Flag Day with Kids

1. Dress up in the colors of the flag.

National colors of flag are so pretty.

Check out Max Fashion for some national day dresses. You may use my coupon code MBM79 for extra 15% discount on all products including discounted items.

2. UAE Suncatcher Craft

What we need?

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Colored Tissue paper / ribbons (green, red, black and white)
  • Contact Paper/ Cello Tape

Let’s Make It

Step 1: Take a paper plate, cut it through the center.

Step 2: Paint the paper plate. This part is completely optional.

Step 3: Cover the cut part with a contact paper. You can also use Cello Tape instead of contact paper.

Step 4: Lastly Allow your little one to stick the colored tissue paper on the sticky surface.

And the Suncatcher is ready. Isn’t it beautiful?

3. UAE Flag Craft

Each of the colours used in the UAE flag has its own significance.

White stands for good deeds, Green for fertile plains, Black for the darkness of battles and Red for swords.

We Used the flag template in the printable pack and made 3 fun Flags.

Straw Flag Craft

You will need colored straws. Snip and paste it with glue on the flag.

Colored Pasta also works well.

We ordered our colored straw from Noon now now. You can also use my coupon codeOK42” for extra 10% discount and free shipping.

Heart Flag Craft

Cut out hearts with flag colors and paste it.

Star Flag Craft

Cut out stars in national Flag colors and glue it

4. Paper Chain Craft

Snip strips of colored paper (red, green, white and black) and allow your little one to glue to form a chain.

5. Dates Tree Craft

What we need?

  • Colored paper (green and red)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brown or black crayon

6. Crayon Resist Fireworks

What we need?

  • Colored crayons (red green and white)
  • Black Paint
  • Paint brush

Make fireworks with the flag colors and Paint it with black paint.

The paint would resist on crayon surface. Lastly dab the paint with cotton over the crayon surface.

Looks awesome. Doesn’t it?

7. Read about UAE

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