Rain and Umbrella Weather Science Experiment for Preschoolers

It’s April, time for April Showers. As the weather is changing, it’s a great time to explore and learn about rain and clouds. So my curious toddler asked why do we use umbrella when it rains? So we decided to do this rain and Umbrella Science Experiment to demonstrate the process of rain and also explain the use of Umbrella to my little one. This is so easy to set up and like my all other Kids Activities, this one too can be set up with things that you probably have at home. This is a great weather Activity for toddlers to explore the process of rain. Looking for more Rainy Day Ideas? Check out what some of my friends have created. Stormy Clouds Experiment by Grey Skies + Rainbow Highs Rainy Day Activity Ideas by Mom Buns and Mayhem Related: 10 Spring Crafts for Preschoolers Let’s get started.

What we need?

  • Cardboard or a sturdy paper
  • Marker pens
  • Kitchen Towels / tissue paper
  • Food color
  • Tin Foil
  • Toothpick
  • Pipettes /Dropper
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Boy cut out (optional)

Let’s get started

First we created a set up on the cardboard. I’ve used a white cardboard so that the colors are visible. Step 1: Draw some Clouds on the cardboard and paste tissue paper on it. Step 2: Next, Cut out a semicircle with the tin foil to make an umbrella. Step 3: Paste it firmly over cardboard. This step is important, you need to make sure that there isn’t any gap between the cardboard and the umbrella. Seal it tightly. Step 4 : Finally paste the Toothpick to form the handle of the umbrella and we even pasted a boy holding the umbrella.
Now our set up is ready, time for the Science Experiment. Place the cardboard vertically and add a few drops of food color on the tissue paper. We added red, blue and green to give it a colorful look. Use the dropper or Pipettes to pour the water on the tissue paper. Keep adding water until it starts dripping from the tissue paper and starts falling like rain. Colorful rain looks so enticing for little ones. And the most exciting part was the water got deflected as soon as it hit our tin foil umbrella safeguarding the little boy from the rain. Take a look in this video

Learning Outcome for Toddlers

This rain and Umbrella Experiment is a fun hands on learning experience for tiny tots. This rain science experiment not only gave the answer to my toddler’s question but was truly a fun hands on learning for my toddler. Here is what we learnt.
  1. The purpose of Umbrella is to safeguard us extreme weather conditions like rain or sun.
  2. Tissue paper Science- Tissue paper bleeds colors when water is added.
  3. Use of Pipettes is a great fine motor activity
  4. Rain falls when water droplets in the clouds become too heavy.
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