Racing Car Painting Activity for Kids

Do your kids love racing cars? Are you always finding easy to set up ways to keep your kids busy and also create something beautiful? Well then you are at the right place. I love sharing low or no prep activities with my toddler. Take a look at These Fun Activities for Kids How about Painting with racing cars? The Racing Car Process Rainbow / colorful art is just perfect for you to try this spring season. Let’s Make our own pretty racing Car Painting.

What we Need?

  • Cardboard box ( I prefer the one which has sides so that cars don’t tip outside the box.) It would definitely save you from the mess.
  • Cardstock paper
  • Racing cars
  • Washable Paints

Let’s Make it It is quite simple just add colors at the top of the paper and slide the cars. You will see straight lines made with the wheels. You will have to work very fast (before the color dry out). We kept adding more and more colors to make our colorful rainbow art. We even painted the wheels. All in all a fun filled activity which is definitely a must try. Doesn’t it look mesmerising? Check out this video for 3 fun Process Art ideas.

Learning Outcome

Apart from all the fun painting with cars, it was a great learning session for my 3 year old. We learnt some physics. We talked about why the car comes down and not goes up. We learnt about gravity. We even talked about friction. The speed of the car decreases when it goes in paint. This activity is great to learn the line formation for young toddlers. It also improves the hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Do try it out and share with your friends.