Ocean Crafts for Kids

This World Oceans Day let’s learn about the ocean life with some fun Activities and Crafts for kids

“Splash in the water, play in the sand; if the beaches are clean, life is just grand”

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th every year since 2008.

Ocean is teeming with loads of learning possibilities for little ones. From learning about sea creatures to saving the sea from pollution, possibilities of ocean crafts and activities is endless.

Here are 5 Ocean Crafts and Activities for Kids which includes sensory ocean play ideas, recycled ocean crafts and fun ocean learning ideas.

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1. Ocean Sensory Bin

Ocean Sensory Bin

A sensory bin is great to teach various concepts like sight words , cvc words, Alphabets, numbers etc.

For this ocean sensory activity I’ve used everything available at home to set this up. As it is I’m not a fan of using food as Play so I have used sago seeds/ sabudana/ tapioca pearls(which had expired) and some blue aquarium rocks and finally gelatin for exploring all types of textures.   🌊I placed the sago seeds (sabudana) in a ziploc bag and added just one drop of blue food color and shaked it well. Placed the sago seeds in the tray. 🌊Next added the aquarium stones for the next layer. 🌊and finally mixed the gelatin with water and blue food color. 🌊Also made a fish with balloon and cut out felt for small sight words fishes.   Learning Outcome 👉Sight word recognition 👉sensory play 👉exploring Textures 👉exploring ocean life  

2. Ocean in a Jar

Ocean in a Jar

We love science experiments especially when they look this pretty WHAT WE NEED? 🌊Empty Jar 🌊Sand 🌊Blue Food coloring + Sabudana / rocks 🌊blue food color + water 🌊oil This simple experiment demonstrates “density” of various objects. When we add all these substances the sand which has the highest density sinks down to the bottom Next at the bottom were our sago Seeds and rocks. Next layer was water And at the top floated (the least dense) oil. Creating a beach like appearance in the jar. Learning Outcome 🌊Sensory Activity as involves so many textures 🌊fine motor Activity 🌊Exploring the concept of density Would you like to create your own ocean/beach in a jar? Check out on Instagram

3. Save the Ocean Recycled Craft

Save the ocean recycled craft

We read a book “Harry Saves the Ocean” The book explains beautifully about how plastics are harmful to the ocean and how Harry a mouse saves the ocean. Then we made a Recycled Fish Craft 🐠🐠 Ayaan was so excited to create his very own fish craft. We used plastics, bottle caps and straws to create our recycled fish. Also we discussed how all the plastic waste is a hazard to the Ocean and the sea creatures.   Learning for my toddler 👉Learnt about Ocean Pollution 👉learnt about sea life 👉Painting 👉cutting and pasting   All in all a super fun activity.

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4. Beach Math

Beach Math with playdough

For this we made a simple set up!   🏖Firstly we recycled a cake base. A cardboard would work well too. 🏖Added some Sand and pebbles. 🏖Next we mixed blue and white playdough to make our sea. And the set up is ready for some math fun with the perfect beach vibes.   I’ve used wooden numbers and made fishes with paper, next allowed my toddler to search the numbers (number recognition) and then count the fishes and then finally add the total fishes in the Sea (addition).   Skills Learnt 🏖Math number recognition and addition 🏖Sensory skills (manipulating the playdough) 🏖Fine Motor Skills (scooping and gluing sand and rocks)

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5. Jellyfish in a Bottle

Jelly Fish in a bottle

Jellyfish in a bottle

6. Sand Art Jellyfish

Sand art

Have you tried painting using different objects? We collected some Sand from the beach on our last trip. This activity was perfect to put the sand to use. So we tried this easy peasy sand art jellyfish.

What we need:

– Sand – Cardstock Paper – Paints – white glue – Paintbrush

Let’s Make it

👉Firstly create your drawing, next add white glue.

👉Start adding sand over the white glue.

👉Remove the extra sand from the paper.

👉Once it dries, allow your toddler to color it. Alternatively, we can also color the sand or use colored sand. And it’s ready.

Learning Outcome

👉fine motor skills 👉hand eye coordination 👉creativity 👉sensory play

Have you tried sand art before?

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