No Prep Outdoor Activities for Kids

Science says , Kids who spend time outside are happier and healthier. We all know how important it is to get some sunshine and vitamin D for kids as well as adults. Some fun with sun is definitely needed. Here is why
  • Keeps them fit and healthy
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves Social Awareness
  • Improves general awareness
Here are some of our favourite no prep Outdoor Activities for Kids.

1. Bird Watching

2. Collection of Leaves and Flowers

3. Play in the park

Playing on the swings, slides etc and interacting with peers helps in improving gross Motor as well as social skills.

4. Beam Balance

5. Ride On

6. Watering the Plants

7. Texture Exploration

8. Painting

9. Nature Crafts

10. Pebble/ Stone Counting

11. Water Play

Make a waterfall with used foil.

12. Visiting a Zoo

13. Literacy Jump

14. Sensory Play

15. Play Catch

16. Car Wash

17. Movement Games

Like running, hide and seek

18. Outdoor Picnic

19. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

20. Bug Hunt

21. Bubble Play

22. Obstacle Courses

23. Star Gazing

24. Jump in Puddles

25. Yoga/ Exercise

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

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No prep Outdoor Activities  for toddlers

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