No Prep Toddler Activities and boredom busters for kids

Easy No Prep Toddler Boredom Busters for Exhausted Parents


Given the attention span of the toddlers its difficult to engage an energetic toddler at home. But today’s situation is such that stepping out of the house can be difficult as well as not safe.

My toddler is already done with all his toys by 11am in the morning.

Now what next?

Keeping a pace with them, we mommies keep looking for ideas to tuck them in.

Here are a few no prep activities that can hold your toddler for sometime.

1. Diy Bowling with papercups

All you need is some paper cups and a ball. Try out with your toddler. I bet you and your partner will be hooked on to it.

2. “It’s in the bag” play activity

Just give your old purse or wallet with some cards in it.

Watch your busy toddler zip, unzip and arrange it while you can enjoy your “me” time.

Note: Give a purse or wallet or bag which can be easily zipped or unzipped by your toddler. Else they can be really frustrated.

3. Paper Towel Ball Drop

Did you just throw your paper towel roll after using all the tissues?

Save it! It can be a great activity for your little one.

Just paste it on the wall and ask your toddler to put small blocks or balls through it.

You can complicate the activity a bit by placing a box underneath the roll and ask your toddler to put inside the box.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cause and effect
  • Sizes (Big and small)
  • Shapes
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Better communication skills

100 ways to reuse toilet paper rolls


4. Container play

Toddlers love shifting things from one container to another. This is extremely important for the following reasons.

  • It helps them learn gross motor skills
  • The toddler learns about sizes (like big and small) and shapes.
  • Improves the concentration.

What you need?

  • Two containers of different sizes or shapes.
  • A few toys to fill the smaller container.

Let your toddler empty one container and put all the toys in the other container and vice versa.

You can also give two bags instead of the containers and watch them zip and unzip.

The toys can be replaced with edible snacks that your baby is fond of.

Safety tip:

  • Refrain from giving smaller toys that have a choking hazard.
  • If the baby is small keep an eye on her.

Sometimes if the baby is not able to achieve what they want, they might become restless also, be prepared for that.

5. Balancing Activity

Strike a balance with this simple activity, catch up on your work while your toddler is busy balancing.

Introducing balance to your toddler is extremely crucial.

Balancing helps to develop coordination and focus in kids.

Ideas for Balancing Activity

  • Spoon with lemon or ball
  • Balancing paths- put cushions on the sofa and ask your baby to walk
  • Make use of sidewalk and ask your toddler to walk on it.
  • Place a ring or a cup on your Toddler’s head and ask them to walk while balancing.


6. Bubble wrap/ polybag Painting

Simplest way to teach your baby some art.

What we need?

Some polythene bags or bubble wrap.

Squeez few paper bags or bubble wraps to form a ball. Dip in paint and create art activity.

7. Lock and key Play

Just give a lock and a key to your toddler and keep them busy.

You might need to demonstrate first and then let them try.

8. Paper cup sorting

My toddler is really bored of the sorting toys kept at home.

But when I gave him some cups of different sizes, he merrily played for quite some time.

9. Make your own Buckle Toy

Make use of any useless belts or straps or laces or zips etc.

Secure them firmly on a cloth or maybe reform your baby’s old toy.

Let them explore for couple of minutes.

10. Try some science experiments

Click here to check out these easy experiments for babies

11. Egg Peeling Activity

Involve your toddler in day to day activities.

Egg Peeling as well as slicing and Pea Peeling are excellent Activities for the little hands.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Become more independent
  • Increases focus
  • Gains confidence

12. Magic Art

Gather your toddler’s art supplies and create the magic.

Take a plain white paper, draw something with white crayon which obviously won’t be visible on a white paper.

Let your baby paint and see the magic!

13. Fruit Skewers Activity

Take some fruits and a fruit skewer.

Ask your child to skew the fruits into the skewer. Let them eat or enjoy while they do the activity.

You can use beads instead of the fruits.

It develops fine motor skills and improves concentration of your child.

14. Feeding the Bear

All you need is a paper plate. Just make eyes and nose and cut a small hole for the mouth.

Tell your toddler that the bear is hungry and you need to feed it.

Cut out small paper or take small beads to feed the bear

15. Diy Sand Pit

What we need?

  • A big container
  • Sand / grinded chalk/ grinded biscuits
  • Toys
  • Scoop or Spoon

Create your own sand pit and encourage some solo play.

16. Random Balloon Fun

Balloons always work great with a bored toddler. Blow some balloons and enjoy some free play

Don’t have balloons at home? Don’t worry, you can create some with gloves.

 17. Lemon Art

Painting is always fun for kids.

Why not give it a lemon punch?

What we need?

  • Lemon
  • Paper
  • Some tape
  • Colors

Fix the paper to a surface with tape. Add some color to it and

18. Break the ice

What we need ?

  • A huge container
  • Lots of toys
  • Hammer (I’m using a toy hammer)

Just place all the toys in the container , add water and freeze it.

Next day when you remove the ice block. Ask your baby to use the hammer and rescue all the toys. Enjoy some giggles and story telling while doing so.

Note: Add a pinch of salt while breaking the ice and see the ice melting at a faster rate.

Learning Outcomes

This simple activity demonstrates that liquid converts to solid at a freezing temperature. (That is water turns into ice when cooled)

While when the ice is brought back to the room temperature it converts to water again.

While adding salt lowers the freezing point of water hence ice melts at a faster rate.

Idea inspired by Shifali Sahni’s Ice Treasure Activity

19. Bubble Wrap Jump

Do have a spare bubble wrap? If yes it can be a toy to entertain your bored toddler.

Place the bubble wrap sheet on the floor. Secure it tightly with the help of a tape. Ask your toddler to jump or your baby to crawl over it. The crackling sound is so amusing for these little ones.

Don’t have a bubble wrap? Try it with a polybag or a newspaper. Or you can combine them all to let your baby explore various textures.

20. Magic Tissue Paper Activity

This magic is exciting not only for the toddlers but adults also.

21. Play some verbal games

Verbal games not only is a great boredom buster for exhausted parents but it also enhances the baby’s vocabulary.

Check out these ideas for verbal games >>

22. Baking your own Pizza

Perfect meal time Activity to engage your Toddler. Plus it helps develop fine motor skills and aid in cognitive development.

23. Go for fishing

Create a pond at home and let your toddler enjoy some water play.

Use your baby’s rubber toys along with a kitchen net or sieve.

This simple activity is sure to captivate your little one.

24. Separate the grain from the grains

Well there isn’t any chaff. Just two grains of your choice. Mix them and allow your kiddo to sort them.

Another activity that increases focus and enhances fine motor skills.

So we have used kidney beans and pasta. And the toddler is busy sorting them out.

25. Toys Hunt

It’s a mini version of scavenger hunt. Hide some balls or dolls or toys that you have in a room or in a box. Let them search for their favorite toys.

For example, tell your toddler to find 5 balls that are hidden in this room. Catch up on your work while they are busy finding the stuff.

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  1. I just love the fact that there is no preparation involved with these activities. My son is 2 year old and he discovered he loves to peel eggs, but we haven’t tried many of the other ideas we discovered here. I would really love to try the easy experiments with him, it’s been on my mind for some time, we will have to give it a go soon, they seem simple and fun. Thank you, I always enjoy reading your articles.

  2. All of these activities look so much fun. I’ll definitely be trying them out with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Some great activities listed here!! Especially the science ones!! These will be great for my daughter when she babysits!

  4. These are all such great ideas! My kids are getting older and I really feel for all those parents with toddlers. It does take a lot of work to keep them occupied!

  5. Such great ideas! I’m home alone a lot with my toddler so no prep is key. I have been saving a bunch of paper towel rolls and now have something we can do with them!

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