No Prep Activities for 3 years and above

What to do with your 3 year old at home when you are super tired?

Entertaining a 3 year old at home can be super challenging and exhausting.

Here are 25 Super Fun And Easy No Prep Activities for 3 to 4 year olds.

1. Water Beads Fun

Water play is always a win win. Place some beads in a bin and allow some freeplay.

2. Magnetic Tiles

One of the most engaging activities for 3 years and above.

This open ended toy can be used in various ways. You can make ramps or build castles and lots more.

3. Science Experiments

Science Experiments are always fun for curious 3 year olds.

Here are 22 fun Science experiments for kids

4. Spelling Bees

Ages 3 and a half to 4 and up

Phonics learning and spellings can be introduced in a fun way to preschoolers.

While waiting for an appointment, while driving or during meal time, ask your child to spell simple words.

5. Art and Crafts

Hand over the art and craft supplies in a muffin tray and allow your preschooler to have some free play.

6. Coloring with Coding

Coloring with coding is the easiest no prep set up Activity with so many learning.

Draw a simple design. Mark a number or alphabet for each color. Hand over colors to your preschooler and let them learn and enjoy.

7. Dot to Dot

Whether it is making shapes or alphabets or even a line practice. Dot to dot always fun.

8. Baking with Kids

9. Involve them in Chores

Involving little ones in chores makes them more independent in the long run.

  1. It makes toddlers independent.
  2. It keeps them busy.
  3. It helps in motor development.
  4. It helps teach teamwork and sharing thus enhancing social skills.
  5. Chores boosts their self confidence.
  6. Completing a task provides a great sense of achievement for toddlers
  7. Involving toddlers in chores makes them feel like an important part of the family.
  8. Make them responsible in the long run.
  9. Teaches time management skills.
  10. Chores teach toddlers the life skills.

Here are age appropriate Chores for 2 to 4 years old

10. Play with Legos

Legos are yet another open ended toy.

11. Cutting Straws

Use a child friendly scissors for Cutting Straws/ playdough/ paper


  • Fine motor skills
  • Instills creativity
  • Prewriting

12. Playdough

13. Magnetic letters or numbers

One of our favourite games these days is to make letters on the fridge. Alternatively a metal box can be a great way to engage your little one.

14. Make Stained Glass Window

Just place a contact paper on the window at your preschoolers height. Hand over the stickers or other craft supplies.

You can make patterns or allow free play.

15. Self Correcting Puzzles

16. Quiet time Bins

Add some Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, beads , pasta etc. in a box to make quiet bins.

17. Scavenger Hunt

Grab your free scavenger hunt activity printables Here

Lacing / Beading

18. Lacing/ Beading

19. White Board Doodle

Hand over the white board and markers for some free scribbling.

20. Coloring with Crayons

21. Process Art Activities

Check out 100 ways to paint with preschoolers

22. Literacy Jump

Draw numbers, letters, shapes on the floor. Allow your preschooler to jump.

23. Blowing Straws

24. Fun Yoga Poses/ breathing activities

25. Role Play