Mother’s Day Crafts for toddlers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. A perfect reason to get crafty with little ones. Mother’s Day calls for the ideal time to get together with toddlers and make something special. It’s always special to receive a handmade gift especially when it’s crafted with love by your toddler. Isn’t it? Here are 7 Super Easy last minute Mother’s Day Craft and Card Ideas that kids can actually make.

1. Love you to Pieces

This cute card is so easy for little hands and also builds there fine motor skills.

2. Print and Play Flower Bouquet Get the free Printable for this super cute flower bouquet Here

3. Diy Popsicle Stick Earring Stand

This Diy Earring Stand is such an adorable diy.

4. Butterfly Symmetry Card for Moms

If you have been following my blog you must be knowing how much I love open ended painting projects. A couple of months back, we tried Symmetry heart painting for Valentine’s Day and the results were absolutely amazing. For mother’s Day I wanted to do a butterfly. Like a heart, a butterfly too is a symmetrical shape that is when we divide it into two halves, each half is a mirror image of each other. This toddler led painting is so easy for little hands and looks so creative. What we Need?
  1. Butterfly Shape Cutout
  2. Paints (2 or more different colors)
Let’s Make It Step 1: Cut out a butterfly shape. Fold it into a half. Step 2: Allow your toddler to pour the paint on one half of the butterfly. Step 3: Next, Fold the the butterfly press it tightly. Step 4: Open the butterfly to reveal the symmetry. It looks so mesmerising. Doesn’t it? Step 5: Add the little details like antennas and body, paste it to a cardstock paper and add your note.

5. DIY water color Card

6. Handprint Flowers

Thank you for helping me grow. No mother’s Day is ever complete without handprint craft.

7. Bear-y Cute Mother’s Day Card

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