Janmasthmi Activities for Toddlers

Janmasthmi is the Day celebrated as Lord Krishna’s birthday usually falls during the last week of August.

Lord Krishna was born on the 8th day of Dark Fortnight in the month of Bhadon. Bhadon is a month in the Hindu calendar.

Lord Krishna was born to free the world from evil. There are many tales of his childhood perfect to read out to little kids.

I’ve put together some fun ways to celebrate Krishna Janmasthmi with little ones.

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Also grab these fun printables for little ones.


1. Read books about Lord Krishna

Books are the best way to learn.

We bought 2 books that are perfect for toddlers and can be easily understood by little ones.

The Little Book of Krishna

My first Mythology Tales

2. Dress up Like Krishna

Little ones look so adorable in Krishna’s outfit.

A dhoti , a peacock feather crown and a flute are just enough to dress your little ones this janmasthmi.

3. Finger Painted Butter Pot

Finger Painted Butter pot

We all know little krishna was so fond of Butter and hence were known as makhan chor.

Involve your little one in decorating and painting their own butter matka (dahi handi).

What we need?

  • Earthen Pot
  • Finger Paints
  • Cotton

Dip your little ones Fingers in paint and let the fun begin.

Allow them to put cotton on the top looks like shri krishna’s favourite butter doesn’t it?

4. Krishna Crown Craft

Krishna Crown craft

What we need?

  • Kitchen towel tube
  • Paints
  • Crafts paper (Green, orange, blue)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Let’s Make It

Step 1: Cut the Kitchen Towel Tube into a circle.

Step 2: Colour the Circle Blue

Step 3: Make the Peacock Feather. Cut the feathers with green, orange and blue color.

Step 4: Paste the Peacock Feather to the paper Tube to make the crown.

Isn’t it cute?

5. Laddoo Math



6. Make a Janmasthmi Greeting Card


Janmasthmi card

What we need?

  • Straw
  • Cotton
  • Crafts paper
  • Peacock Feather

Let’s Make It

First put the Straw on a cardstock paper.

Next add the Peacock Feather and make the shape of the pot (matka).

Paste some cotton over it.

For More Activities Download these Printables and have some learning this Janmasthmi

Activity 1: Count and Paste Laddoos

Activity 2: Shape Matching Pot (Matka)

Activity 3: Size Sorting Pots (Matkas)

Activity 4: Maths with Krishna

Activity 5: I Spy with Krishna

Activity 6: Janmasthmi Patterns