India Themed Crafts for Independence Day and Republic Day

Looking for easy and fun tricolor Crafts for preschoolers that are perfect for Independence Day , Republic Day or even Gandhi Jayanti?

National Holidays are great way to explore and learn about the culture of our country.

There are 3 National Holidays in India

Here are some Crafts and Activities for Kids Preschool

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January

Independence day is celebrated on 15th August

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October

1. Salt Painted India Map

Click to watch the videoSalt Painted India Themed activity

 What we Need?

  • India Map
  • Salt
  • White glue/ Fevicol
  • Paints in dripping consistency (orange and green)
  • Pipettes / paint brush

Step 1: Apply White glue on the India Map. Step 2: Allow your toddler to sprinkle Salt all over the glue. Step 3: Remove the excess salt. Step 4: take the paints and start adding on the salt to make the flag. Isn’t this beautiful?  

2. Handprinted National Bird Craft

Peacock Craft for independence day

Peacock Craft on Instagram

What we need?

  • Finger Paints (colors blue and green)
  • Yellow and black marker pen
  • Cardstock paper

Let’s Make it!

Step 1: Add blue color on your child’s palm and thumb and green color on the 4 fingers. Step 2: Draw the eyes, legs and crown with black marker pen and outline the wings with yellow color.

The beautiful Peacock (national bird) Craft is ready.

3. Mahatma Gandhiji’s Teachings Tree

Gandhi craft for kids

Check out on Instagram What we need?

  • Craft Paper
  • Brown Paper
  • Marker pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Let’s Make It!

Step 1: Cut out the brown paper to form handprint to form the bark of the tree.

Step 2: Cut out leaves with green Craft paper.

Step 3: Write down the teachings of Gandhiji on each leaf.

Here are some of his teachings every child should learn.

1. Non Violence

2. Truth and Honesty

3. Forgiveness

4. Live like there is no tomorrow

5. Let the change begin with you  

So for this activity, we discussed these 5 teachings, it was difficult for my child to understand but I tried to explain him in simple words. I guess he must have imbibed something from it. I believe it is never too early to teach kids.

What are your favourite teachings by Gandhiji? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Tricolor Paper Plate Suncatcher Craft

What we need?

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Crayons orange and green
  • Paper orange green and white

Watch the Tutorial here

5. National Emblem Coin Rubbing and Tracing Activity

National Emblem Coin Rubbing activity

What we need?

  • 1 rupee coin with national Emblem
  • A4 sheets (2)
  • Pencil Colors

Start by placing the coin in between two sheets of paper.

Gently rub over the coin such that the emblem on the coin starts appearing on the paper.

Continue the process to make various emblems.

You may use tricolors to make the emblems.

6. National Animal Tiger Paper Plate Mask

What we need?

  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black paper stripes cutout
  • White paper oval cutout for mouth
  • Paints (orange color)

Let’s Make It

Step 1: Cutout eyes from the paper plate. Color the paper plate orange.

Step 2: Stick the stripes and mouth as shown in picture.

Tiger mask is ready!

7. Republic Day Airplane Process Art

Click to watch the video

What we need?

  • Paper Plate
  • Washi Tape
  • Paints (orange green)
  • Toy Airplane

Let’s Make It

First write the letters with the tape.

Next Pour some Paint on the paper plate.

Allow your child to smush the color with the Airplane.

Peel the Tape.

Isn’t the outcome super cute?


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