How to Make Rainbow Crayons

Did you know 31st March is celebrated as Crayon Day? Yes it is!! Happy Crayon Day!!

Here are some facts about crayons

  1. The word crayons is derived from the French word “craie” meaning chalk. (Chalk pencil)
  2. World’s biggest manufacturer of crayons is Crayola which produces billions of crayons annually.
  3. The sad part is 100 million crayons are thrown away every year.
  4. Leftover crayons are called “Leftolas”.
  5. Made from paraffin wax (which is derived from petroleum jelly) , crayons can take several years or even a decade to decompose in a landfill.
  6. The smell of crayons is most familiar scents.
  7. The world’s largest crayon measures 17 feet long, 1 feet diameter and weighs around 681.29 kg.
With so many crayons wasted every year here is a simple way to recycle and reuse your leftover Crayons and turn them into beautiful Rainbow Crayons.

Let’s Make It

Step 1: Peel the paper from the crayons Step 2: Split the crayons into smaller pieces. This for sure is the fun part for my toddler. Step 3: Next, Fill the silicone tray with the broken Crayons.
Step 4: Place the mould into the microwave until the crayons are melted. Initially keep it for around 3 minutes. Most likely they will be melted. If not just keep for additional 1 minute and check again. Use a skewer to check whether it is fully melted. Make sure to keep out of reach of kids as it would be very hot. PS: The microwave time may vary as every microwave has a different setting.
Step 5: Lastly Let them cool. Once it cools and sets the crayons will easily come out of the mould. Don’t be in a haste as it takes around 20 to 30 minutes to set fully. That’s it.
These Rainbow Crayons are now ready to use. Have Fun! Here are some fun Crayon Projects to try. Crayon Sun Catchers by Coffee With Kari Diy Letter Crayons by Grey Skies and Rainbow highs Free Printable and Craft Activity Ideas by Mom Buns and Mayhem Preschool Activities for National Crayon Day by Our Faith Filled Home Liked it, Pin It