How to increase productivity while working from home?

Since Virtual is the new norm for many, it can be sometimes difficult to concentrate more on work with distractions all over the place.

This shouldn’t hamper your growth in anyway.

Distractions can be of two types

  1. Extrinsic
  2. Intrinsic

1. Extrinsic– It can be due to our surroundings. Example, cell phone notifications, people coming while working, kids. Anything and everything we can blame upon.

2. Intrinsic– It is due to our internal thinking. The mental blocks that we create within our mind. This constitutes approximately 80% of the distractions which leads to decrease in productivity but we don’t realize it quite often and keep blaming our surroundings and situations for the same.

So here is what we can do to eliminate these distractions and increase the productivity of work while working from home.

1. Create a work space

For some it may seem like a task but you need to separate your personal and professional space while working from home.

Choose a corner where you find peace while working. It should be away from distractions.

It’s human nature to be triggered by the five senses that is sound, touch, sight, smell and taste.

What happens when you suddenly hear your favourite song or a nostalgic one or a phone notification?

Working from home can give you the liberty to stay in bed but cannot guarantee productivity while in bed.

What happens when you see a beautiful view from your window?

Does your mind react to the smell of coffee or your favourite food?

Munching your favourite packet of chips ain’t a good idea.

  • Sound– stay away from music, tv, chit chat, phone. Turn off those push notifications or keep two separate phones (personal/professional)
  • Touch– Take a desk and a chair similar to that in your office
  • Sight– A view that motivates you to work. Change the wall art or wall paper to a motivating one.
  • Smell– stay away from the kitchen
  • Taste– Remove your favourite snacking packet.

2. Discipline yourself

While at office, being in presence of our peers and bosses we are under a constant check and we maintain a proper decorum.

While at home we need to discipline ourselves.

  1. Create a morning routine
  2. Take a shower
  3. Create a to-do list and set deadlines.
  4. Create a work life balance

3. Dress up anything other than your pyjamas

Attire is absolutely mandatory as it provides a demarcation between personal and professional life.

Think about this why can’t you wear Pyjamas to your office?

Our clothes do have an impact on what we are doing. Wearing pyjamas can make us feel more relaxed and not concentrate on work. Moreover dressing up brings up joy and positivity.

4. Take a break

Give yourself some time to rejuvenate.

“All work and no play makes Jack a full boy”

Do give yourself some time to relax.

Try some meditation, stretch yourself, take some fresh air.

5. Invest in a good headset or speaker

Depending on what you do, a right headset or speaker can help you ease your work from home.

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6. Keep in touch with your colleagues

Socialize with your peers. Show up in meetings and be heard. It’s important to keep your connections strong while working from home.

Working remotely may require you to over-communicate. Don’t shy away from it.


Virtual is the new norm. It’s here to stay for a longer time. It’s better we adapt ourselves to the new lifestyle and stay productive as well as positive.

If we look at the positive side, working from home decreases the travel time and we can utilize this time for our personal development and self care.

Stay productive! Stay Safe!

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