How to Grow 1000 followers on Instagram Organically

Hi there! Instagram is the new trend. Following along this trend does makes sense especially when it can get you many opportunities in work and business. Creating an Instagram account is easy, growing followers that engage well, is a task. Just like any other social media platform, posting consistently is the key. Related: Tips for new Youtubers to get organic views and Subscribers Here in this post I am going to share how to gain 1000 followers organically on Instagram. Let’s dive straight on the strategy.

1. Optimization

  • Username
  • Name
  • Bio- why people should follow you, brand representation
Make sure to optimize your Username, Name as well as Bio for the target keyword. For Example if you are creating a motherhood blog, then make sure to use the keyphrase in username, name as well as bio. Bio is highly crucial it tells the users what your instagram profile is all about. Make sure to use as many keywords and hashtags as possible in your Instagram bio. Using the keywords in the instagram username, name and bio makes it searchable for that hashtag and hence if your profile is ranking high for the keyword, chances are that people click through your profile and if the content is good they might follow you as well.

2. Content

Next and the most powerful thing to sustain and retain followers is the content. Make your feed look pretty. A proper research about your niche and topic is very important. Everyone is creating great content these days, it is important to excel in your field.
  • Competitors Research
  • Micro niche
  • Share premium information and engaging Content
  • Make use of all the Instagram Features
Choosing a micro niche definitely works good for instagram but that also comes with a possibility of becoming saturated. So the idea is to choose a micro niche with vast possibilities and innovations. Sharing information that is of help to others definitely increases the following. Either make your content very educational or very hilarious. Make use of all the Instagram Features Instagram now increases the reach of the profiles that are using all features like igtv videos, stories, reels, live etc. The latest feature reels is definitely a must to grow your Instagram account in 2021. If you haven’t been using this feature you are definitely going to see a drop in your engagement and followers.
Best practice which is recommended by instagram to grow organically is to record a reel directly from the app and post it. Instagram will not only push your content but also feature it. Also share the reels to your feed for maximum engagement. Another great way to increase the reach is by creating engaging stories . I recommend using Canva App for creating instagram templates as it’s free and has unlimited designs. Igtv videos are definitely going to boost your Instagram engagement. If you are video content creator, you definitely have an edge. Igtv videos are videos longer than one minute that can be shared to your feed as well as to igtv.

3. Instagram Algorithm

  • Be Active
  • Be Consistent
  • Build a community
Be Active For any social media to grow, being active is the key. You can post as many number of times as you like but make sure to post quality content. The best time to post is when your audience is the most active which is mostly around 6pm or 9pm. You can check the exact time from your analytics. If you are using the app, click on the 3 lines on top right corner You will find insights. Click on Insights >> followers >> most active times
Not only being active matters but also being consistent is important. If you choose to post twice a week, be consistent in doing so. Build a Community Engage your followers. Like or comment on their posts. Make use of stories to connect with the audience. Add the click to action button in stories to interact with your followers. The more you interact the more people start engaging with your content.

4. Hashtags and Caption

The most crucial part for instagram growth are the hashtags. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, using the correct ones are definitely going to increase the reach and instagram followers. Hastags tips
  1. Use relevant hashtags.
  2. Make sure to use minimum of 25 hashtags.
  3. Do not repeat instagram hashtags in consequent posts.
  4. Include hashtags in bio as well as stories.
  5. Research the hashtags well.
How to research relevant hashtags Let’s divide the hashtags into 3 categories:
  • High Search
  • Medium Search
  • Low Search
How to search hastags? Go on the search button and write down a broader term related to your post. For Example, if its a travel post write down Travel. Instagram will suggest other tags with travel and along with that the number of posts with the hashtag would me mentioned. Then choose a related hashtag from each category (high, low and medium) and add it to your post. Another easy way is to create 10 sets of high search, medium search and low search hashtags and use it in your posts. This way you won’t repeat the same hashtags again and again and it won’t be counted as spam.

5. Stay connected with peers

  • Interact with people of same niche
  • Use Facebook or Instagram groups
Interact with people in same niche
  1. Interact and follow people in your niche.
The best way to search people in your niche is type the keyword related to your niche. Next search then click the recent tab. Comment on some of the posts that interest you and are of your niche. You are most likely to get a follow from most of them. This strategy might sound funny and weird but it definitely works. Second best thing to do is comment on posts of an influencer. Add a valuable and catchy comment as soon as an influencer uploads a picture. Valuable is important here because people who follow their profile are likely to read your comment if it is in top 3 and yes its human instinct to check out the profile of the person who has commented. Ps: I’m sure you must have done this too Third point is taking a shoutout from the people in the same niche as yours. 2. Use Facebook or Instagram groups Last but definitely not the least. Use Facebook groups or Instagram groups to boost followers and engagement.


Growing on Instagram organically can take time but it’s definitely worth the effort as the brands are quite aware of fake and un-engaging followers. Plan your strategy well and I’m sure gaining 1000 engaging followers on Instagram will not take much time. Summing it up Do’s
  • Use relevant hashtags in username, name, bio, posts and stories.
  • Make use of all the features of instagram .
  • Create engaging content that provides a value to your audience.
  • Make use of Facebook and Instagram groups.
  • Make a community.
  • Don’t repeat hashtags (instagram considers it as spam)
  • Do not copy paste. Do your own research.
  • Do not post randomly.
Hope you find these tips handy. What is your Instagram strategy? Do leave me a comment below. Liked the post, pin it
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