Go Green Painting Ideas

“Earth is what we have in common” We all can save the planet by Reducing, Re-using and Recycling. Let’s see how we can go green while Painting.
  1. Leaf Stamp Art
  2. Leaf Spray Painting
  3. Stone Painting
  4. Flower Art
  5. Pine Cone Painting
  6. Twig Paint Brush technique
  7. Plastic bottle recycle Art
  8. Cardboard Canvas Art
  9. Cardboard Bus Project
  10. Thermocol Painting
  11. Paper Towel Roll Circle Art
  12. Paper towel heart Art
  13. Egg Carton Painting
  14. Egg shell Mosaic Art
  15. Egg shell ladybird
  16. Paperless Cloth painting
  17. Newspaper Crumple Painting
  18. Bubble wrap Painting
  19. Plastic bag Squeeze Painting
  20. Rope Art
  21. Paper Towel Circles
  22. Newspaper Recycle Painting
  23. Ice Cream Sticks Painting
  24. Leafy Butterfly
  25. Leafy Fish

1. Leaf Stamp Art

For this activity we collected some fall leaves. This is a perfect activity for kids while they get some sunshine. Don’t collect too dried leaves as they will break while Painting. Then added some paint on the leaf and stamped it on the paper. This Easy Peasy activity is fun to do by toddlers. Older kids can try different placements and make it even more artistic.

2. Leafy Spray Painting

Use the leaves to cover the entire paper. Spray some color with the help of an old toothbrush or a spray bottle. Remove the leaves and the art is done!

3. Stone Painting

Like leaves, stones too can attract your child’s attention. Paint the stone or use it as a template.

4. Flower Art

Flowers are the prettiest things and are just loved by kids. Don’t encourage plucking of flowers instead ask them to collect the ones that have already fallen down. We could find this small little flower. So clubbed it with leaves and stamped by my toddler.

5. Pine Cone Painting

After exploring flowers, leaves, twigs and stones, it’s time to explore some pine cones. Unfortunately we stay in a hot climate zone so pine cones are hard to find. In case pine cones are readily available to you, do give Pine Cone Art by A nation of Moms a try! Your can also try using sea shells, twigs, feathers, corals etc.

6. Twig Paint Brush Technique

We will be needing some longer twigs. Go green and use it as a paint brush.

7. Plastic bottle recycle art

Create a plastic bottle bird feeder or create plastic bottle flowers. Paint it up.

8. Cardboard Canvas Painting

Reuse the cardboard box. It can be a new canvas for your little one. Note: As per the Covid-19 guidelines, leave the box out of reach of kids for at least 72 hours to ensure safety.

9. Cardboard box Bus Project

An awesome way to recycle a mango cardboard box by Subha Vijay

10. Thermocol Painting

A brand new canvas for your little one. Exploring new textures is a great way of learning for your child!

11. Paper Towel Roll Flowers

Looks simple? Yes it is! Did you just throw your paper towel roll? Oh no! Save the next one for this simple yet effective art project! Crimp the paper towel roll from one end as shown in the picture and make some memories with your child.

12. Paper Towel Roll hearts

Enjoying Paper Towel Roll Painting? Here is another one! Join Two Paper Towel Rolls with tape. Squeeze from one side to form a heart. Apply color all over and use it as a stamp.

13. Egg Carton Painted Turtles

It’s a great idea to reuse the cardboard egg carton boxes. Paint it in a creative way. You can apply tapes to have a free play for your child. Paint the egg carton. Add a pom pom and googly eyes to make these cute turtles.

14. Egg Shell Mosaic Painting

Save the trees! Go Paperless with this mosaic egg shell art! Step 1: Break the egg and eat your omlette! (Don’t smash the egg open, do it carefully with just a window.) Step 2: Now that you are fully energised, gather your paints and ask your toddler to paint the egg. Don’t be bothered if she accidentally crushes it. Step 3: Ask your toddler to crush it into bits and pieces and stick it onto a paper. Your toddler will explore a new texture and would love the crackling sound. While doing this activity keep talking to your child about where does the egg come from. What are the benefits of eating eggs. etc. Enjoying the egg play, try the next one too!

15. Egg Shell Ladybird

Let’s make some eggs! Wait but do not throw the egg shell. This certainly can be your little darlings next Painting tool. And guess what it’s eco friendly too. I have used simple poster colors to paint this one. My toddler colored the egg shell red and later we made the black dots and line. So which animal are you going to create? Umm let me guess sheep, cow. Don’t forget to share your cool creations with us! Do share your feedback in the comments section below!  

16. Paperless Cloth Canvas Art

Go paperless, save trees! Create a canvas with some old cloth. Place an old cloth on a cardboard and create a new texture for your child. Try using various materials for the cloth like silk, cotton, crepe, denim etc. Texture play is absolutely essential for your little ones, it not only makes them more aware of the surrounding but also aids in better verbal communication.

17. Plastic bag Squeeze Painting

Reuse your plastic bags. Squeeze 3-4 plastic bags and make it into a ball. And enjoy some free play.

18. Bubble wrap Crumple Painting

Crumple a bubble wrap. Make it into a ball. Dip it in some color and water and start creating art

19. Newspaper Crumple Painting

Similar way crumple some newspapers to form a ball. Dip it in coloured water and have fun!

20. Rope Splatter Painting

Step 1: Dip a rope in colour and water. Step 2: tie it around a paper towel roll keeping an end free Step 3: Allow your child to splatter the paint by hitting on the paper. Note: It is a messy play so keep it outdoors.

21. Paper Towel Roll Circles

Simple way to draw circles. You can create a mosaic pattern or even a caterpillar.

22. Eco Friendly Newspaper Painting

A simple newspaper Recycle Art with earth is a perfect way to go green with your child.

23. Ice Cream Stick Painting

Get creative use your ice cream sticks to create a beautiful art. Can also be used to teach, numbers shapes and alphabets to young ones.

24. Leafy Butterfly

It looks pretty and simple right?

25. The Fishy Leaf Art

Ain’t it cute? So what are you and your child going to create with your leaves? Do share your creativity with us! Liked it? Pin it

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