Friendship Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Friendship Day is just around the corner. What better excuse to pull out the art and craft supplies and get crafty. At the age of 3, children are starting to play more with each other, forming new friendships. Making a homemade card or gift not only helps preschoolers understand the true meaning of friendship but also boosts their confidence to make something of their own. Here are 5 Super Easy and Fun Friendship Day ideas for Preschoolers ! Take a look at the video

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1. Button Friendship Tree

“Friends are like Buttons they Hold things together ” This Button Friendship Day Tree is easy to make, is homemade and teaches the value of true Friendship. Also holding and pasting buttons is a great fine motor activity.
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2. Mickey Mouse Friendship Day Card

My preschooler loves Mickey Mouse and so do his Friends. These simple Mickey Mouse stamps can be easily made with supplies at home. What we need? Foam Crafts knife or cutter hot glue/velcro stickers bottle cap Paints Cardstock paper Let’s Make it Step 1: Use the foam to make the outline of mickey mouse. Step 2: Make use of a crafts knife to cut it Step 3: Mount it on the bottle cap using the velcro tape. I used a long cap as it is easier to hold. Lastly we used red and black colors and just stamp stamp stamp. How fun isn’t it?

3. Our Friendship Rocks

Easy peasy and fun outdoor activity. Who wouldn’t like rock painting? For this we used 5 earbuds as a brush.

4. Straw Friendship Band

What we need? 1. STRAWS 2. PIPE CLEANERS Just snip the straws into smaller pieces like beads. Allow your toddler to start placing the straws inside the pipe cleaners. Voila and the cool friendship day band is ready. Learning Outcome Hand Eye Coordination Pre writing skills Concentration A super simple and easy to set up Activity which improves fine motor skills and hence pre writing skills.

5. Watercolor crayon resist Card

Watercolors look so pretty. Just draw hearts with white paper on a large sheet of cardstock paper and allow your toddler to paint it. Add a note and stick a lollipop for more fun. Liked it ? PIN IT

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