Free Printable Summer Worksheets

Summer Vacations can get boring for kids involving them in summer activities is the best way to keep them occupied and prevent the summer slump. These summer worksheets are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and pre-k. This summer preschool activity pack includes various learning resources which improves math, language, phonics and creativity in toddlers. Before you download the summer printables, here are some super easy summer activity ideas which you would definitely love.

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Summer Printable Worksheets

What is there in my summer activity pack?

1. Ice Cream Factory

Children will count and make ice cream scoops with paint or dot stickers. This role play activity improves math, Instills creativity, works on fine motor skills.

2. Build Your Very Own Aquarium

Toddlers love role play. They can build mountains in their imagination. This activity consists of many beautiful fishes, water plants and accessories to create their very own summer aquarium. You will need to cut out all the items separately and allow them to paste it on a blue paper or a blue colored paper plate.

3. Summer Letter Sounds

This activity consists of matching the object with correct letter sound. It improves language and phonics for toddlers.

4. Summer I spy

This is a fun counting activity to work on improving the math skills in preschoolers.

5. Popsicle CVC Words

This colorful activity improves the phonics and introduces word building for preschoolers.

6. Ice Cream Coloring Sheet

Coloring improves fine motor skills and creativity in toddlers.

7. Summer Shape Matching

It includes objects with various shapes for matching and hence improving math and shape Recognition in preschoolers. Related: Shape Recognition Activities with free Printables

8. Summer Alphabet Matching

This fun activity improves language and literacy in preschoolers. Children have to identify the beginning sounds of each object.

9. Trace the letters and numbers

Summer break is the perfect time to work on writing skills. So I have included alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), number and shape tracing sheets.

10. Small Ice Cream, Big Ice Cream Counting Activity

This colorful summer counting activity helps toddlers to differentiate between big and small.

11. Summer Patterns- What comes next!

Pattern making is an awesome math activity. Here are some colorful summer objects which will definitely get your child learn more about patterns. Are you ready for summer learning? Go ahead and download these summer preschool Printables. Related