Etiquette Tips to master your next Video calling Session

“A Man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his Potrait” Goethe
Are you ready for your next online session? Earlier very few of us were working remotely. Post Covid-19 the situation has changed, Virtual is the new norm. Be it online classes, meetings or interviews everything has become online. The faster we adapt to these new norms the better it will be. How you Potrait yourself in these sessions makes a huge difference. So are you familiar with the “internet Etiquette” or Netiquette as it is called. Here are some dont’s!
  • Attending without Preparation
  • Causing unnecessary commotion
  • Multitasking
  • Dominating the conversation
  • Staying Silent
  • Dressing informally
  • Being quick to judge
Online meeting or sessions are similar to actual presence but can come with a lot of distractions. Do check out these Tips to increase Productivity while working from home Here are some Do’s that you need to follow.

1. Test your Equipments

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check your hardware- microphone, camera, laptop etc.
Before going live, do check your equipments for proper functioning. Internet speed is important to prevent delays in the session.

2. Non Verbal

  • Communicate with a nod and a smile.
  • Keep the posture straight.
  • Consider it as a meeting in person.
It’s easy to get comfortable at home but when you are at work especially on a video call, you need to consider it as a meeting in person. Keep your posture straight and communicate with a smile. The best part about a virtual session is you can see your expressions and posture in the camera. Make use of it and be at your best behavior.

3. Camera

  • Frame it well.
  • Place it parallel to the face.
  • Look into the lens.
Proper positioning of the camera is important, check your background. Place it parallel to your face for best results. Make an eye contact by looking directly into the lens.

4. Background

  • Sit in a well lit place.
  • Choose a minimalistic Background.
  • Wear colors that are contrasting the wall behind.
While on a video call you need to be seen. Sit in a well lit room where light is falling at you from the front. If you can get natural light that’s the best. Sitting besides a window with your back towards the window would make you look darker and may be not visible at all. Make sure appropriate light is falling on your face. Choosing a minimalistic Background is essential as it may otherwise cause distractions. Next comes the color, wear colors that are contrasting to the wall behind. Or alternatively choose a white background instead. In case you don’t have a white wall at home you can also change the background of your video call. Depending on the platform that you are using (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet etc.), it allows you to change the background for your video calls.

5. Muti-tasking

  • Do not check mails or messages.
  • Eating or having drinks shows disinterest.
Multitasking is a big no no for video calling ,even when you are not speaking. So put your phone on silent and mute those push notifications until your meeting /session gets over.

6. Disturbance

  • Keep microphone off when not speaking.
  • Speak minimal and appropriate.
  • Reduce the background noise.
It is good virtual etiquettes to keep the microphone muted when not speaking. Speak whenever required, don’t go overboard. Reduce the background noise. You can sit in a dedicated place at home with closed doors and use noise cancellation microphones for best results.

7. Dressing

  • Dress Appropriately.
  • Wear appropriate clothing at least till waistline.
Looking sloppy can leave a bad impression. Do wear decent clothing. Dressing in your professional clothes not only leaves a good impression but also instills some confidence. Hope these etiquette tips will come handy for your next virtual session/meeting/interview. Have some more etiquette tips, don’t forget to leave it in the comments below. Do share it with your friends. Looking for some professional Image Consulting Services, visit
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