Educational Activities to do with Fidget Pop It Toy

The Tiktok “Pop It Toy” has already become a sensation over the world. And why not as it is such a versatile and open ended toy with various benefits. Not only does fidget pop it improves the dexterity of the muscles but also helps relieve the stress. This piece of silicone is proven to be calming and relaxing not only for kids but also for adults. And since it is this popular had to experiment with ours too. It is not only relaxing and a calming toy but can also be used to stimulate the 7 foundation areas of learning. Here are some Fun and Educational Pop it Activities for Preschoolers.

1. Literacy

Alphabet Recognition Write the alphabets on the pop it toy. Call out one letter at a time and allow your preschooler to find and pop the letter. Phonic Sounds Write the alphabets and allow your little one to pop and speak the phonics sound of each Letter. CVC Word Pop We all know children learn easily with hands on activities. It’s a great way to learn Phonics sound and CVC word formation. Write the words like Cat, Hat, Bed, Mud etc. on a piece of paper and on the pop it. Next, Allow your preschooler to pop and say the sound of each Letter and finally allow them to blend. Sight Word Pop Similar to the CVC Words write the site Words like At, of , the , and etc. and allow them to pop and identify the sight words. Find and Pop the Vowels Another interesting game to play with your preschooler is to find and pop all the Vowels.

2. Numeracy

Count and Pop Learning counting with this toy is so fun and stress free. Odd and Even Numbers Write all the numbers on the pop it toy. Allow your little one to pop the odd numbers. Addition and Subtracion with Pompoms Use pompoms to carry out addition or subtraction. Allow your little one to place pompoms using a tweezer or pegs .

3. Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are great to develop the pre writing skills in preschoolers. Using spoon, tweezers , pegs and Pipettes help improve these skills. Keep small items like beads or pompoms for these activities. Rescue the toys Tape some small items and allow your little one to peel the tape and rescue their toys.

4. Art and Creativity

Process Art Activity with Pop It toy Add color and water in each compartment and freeze it. Next turn the pop it upside down and start popping over the paper. Ta-da and the art is ready! Check the Youtube Video for the same.

5. Science Exploration

We can do Science experiments with this awesome pop it toy. Add baking soda in each compartment. Next mix food color in vinegar. Pour it with dropper. What you see? Fizz

6. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Play has so many benefits. Use this colorful toy for a scavenger hunt to collect leaves, flowers, and elements of nature etc. to initiate color matching. I’m sure these ideas will justify your purchase of pop it toy.

7. Pattern Making

Create a pattern. Take a screenshot and allow your preschooler to replicate the same pattern. It is an awesome brain boosting activity. Watch the video tutorial on Youtube
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