Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine Day is just around the corner. I’m so excited to try so many new crafts and Activities with my Preschooler. With so many activities I’ve chosen some of the best mostly interactive ones to keep toddlers busy as well as entertained. The best thing about all these is that they are easy to set up with minimal supplies and are as easy as a pie for our little preschoolers. I’ve grouped these activities separately into Valentine Day Crafts, Valentine Day Science Experiments and Valentine Day learning Activities. Some of these are great to do with both toddlers as well as older kids.

Valentine Day Crafts

Valentine Day Canvas Art

Looking to create a canvas art with your toddler? What better than a heart painting. This is an easy valentine day art and is so easy that you can make with your little ones. What we need?
  • Canvas
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Washi tape
  • Paints
Step 1: Write the letters (LOVE) with washi tape. Step 2: Fold the paper towel roll to form a heart and secure it with tape. Step 3: Dip the paper towel roll heart in red/pink paint and allow your toddler to stamp it. You will see heart outline. Step 4: Fill the heart outline with colors. Step 5: Remove the tape. Fill the letters with color (we have used black for ours) The easy Valentine’s Day canvas art is ready.

2. Popsicle Stick Heart Photo Frame Craft


3. Heart Flower Bouquet Craft

This heart bouquet looks so pretty that it can be framed. Cut as many hearts as you can, cut a green paper. Allow your toddler to mix and match and create this beautiful valentine art piece. Liked the Valentine’s day Craft ideas for Toddlers? Which one is your favourite? Do leave a comment below!

4. Symmetry Heart Painting


5. Mess Free Hearts


6. Washi Tape Heart Card


7. I love you to pieces Card


8. Heart Crayons


9. Build a Cupcake


10. Bear Card

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Valentine day Science Experiment

1. Flying Hearts Science Experiment


2. Salt Ice Science Experiment


3. Tissue Paper Love Bugs


4. Moving Hearts


5. Skittles Heart Science Experiment

Valentine day Learning Activities

1. Fine Motor Heart Lacing


2. Cupcake Counting


3. Lovebug Math


4. Fine Motor Heart Sticker Card

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