Birthday Party Themes for 3 year Old

Unlike the first and the second birthday where you could decide the theme for your child’s birthday like a boss, 3rd birthday is different. Toddlers become aware of things, have their their preferences.

On the third birthday your child’s interest can help you decide the theme. It can be their favorite cartoon character or animal or cars or frozen princess.

By the third birthday toddlers become a bit more independent to make their own choice.

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Here are fun themes to choose for your child’s third Birthday Party.

So my toddler loves dinosaurs and when I asked whether he wants a dinosaur cake for his birthday, he immediately said Yaaaas! And half of my work was done.

Unisex Birthday Party Themes

1. Three Rex

Dinosaur theme for birthday party

If your toddler loves dinosaurs like mine, then three Rex is a perfect way to celebrate their special day.

Try these fun Dinosaur themed Birthday Party Games


2. Young, Wild and Three

If you didn’t have the wild “one” then you can surely for Young, Wild and “Three”. After all which kid doesn’t love animals.

3. Farm Animal Theme

Talking about animals, toddlers love farm animals too. This is perfect for little girls and boys who love the old Mc Donald Farm.

4. Rainbow Birthday Bash

A colorful party for your colorful toddler.

5. Peppa Pig’s Third

By the 3rd birthday most of the toddlers love peppa pig. Why not celebrate your Piggy’s birthday like peppa pig.

6. Tea in Three

Par-Tea when your toddler turn three.

7. Musical Birthday Party

3 year olds love music. An all about the music party is perfect for your musical toddler.

8. Its cool to be three

Throw a cool Popsicle party.

9. Baby Shark Birthday

Baby shark doo doo..As creepy as ocean can be.

An awesome theme idea for a 3rd birthday party.

3rd Birthday Themes for Boys

10. I’m 3 and digging It

If your boy loves all types of trucks, then go for Construction Truck 3rd Birthday Party.

11. Racing Car Birthday Party

Its no secret, 3 year old boys love cars. Why not throw a racing car birthday party.

12. Paw Patrol Paw-ty

Have a Paw-fect Paw-ty with the cutest rescue pups Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Rocky and Skye.

3rd Birthday Themes for Girls

13. Frozen Princess

Whether your little princess loves Anna or Elsa or Olaf. Throw the coolest frozen Princess birthday party.

14. Little Miss Threenager

Do you have a toddler who act likes a teenager.

This theme is perfect for a fashionista threenager.

15. Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorns may be imaginary but they are so fascinating.

A perfect birthday theme for your pretty girl.


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