Best way to teach number writing for Preschoolers

When it comes to writing most of the children are least interested. Teaching the correct formation is hence so important.

Here are some tips for teaching number formation.

  • Using the correct starting point.
  • Using Sensory inputs like salt writing, air writing, painting, using dot stickers etc.
  • Making a rhyme for each number.

Before you start teaching number formation make sure the pincer grasp of your child is already developed.

Check out this post for some easy fine motor activities for preschoolers

Making Rhymes for each number for better recognition

Download these number formation rhyme printables.

Round and round just an “O” that’s the way you make zero.

Straight line down and you are done. That’s how we make one.


Around and back on the rail road track..makes two two two.


A round around a tree a round around a tree, makes the number three.


Down and over down some more. That’s how you make four.


Short neck belly fat, Mr Five wears a hat.


Make a C then in you go, now you have made a six you know.


Go right across the sky and down from the heaven, that’s how we make number seven.


Make an S but don’t wait, come back to make an eight.


Make an oval and then a line, that’s how you make number nine.


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