5 easy snowman activities for toddlers

Snowman is the cutest thing about winters.

Here are 5 fun and easy snowman activities and crafts for toddlers.

These activities are perfect for winter and holiday season.

1. Glowing Snowman

2. 3D Snowman Card

3. Melting Snowman Activity

4. Build a Snowman Activity

A simple recycle craft activity that keeps the toddlers glued for quite sometime.


What we need?

👉Toilet paper roll

👉White tissue paper/cotton


👉Googly eyes



👉White crayon




Lets make it

Cut out the toilet paper roll into 3 parts. Give your toddler these supplies and make this easy snowman.

Paste the white cotton or tissue paper inside the paper towel roll and beneath the snowman to form snow

Next add googly eyes, pompoms, buttons and other accessories.

Let your toddlers creativity flow.

Lastly I made snowflakes with the white crayon. You can also use glitter to make it sparkle.


5. Egg Carton Snowman



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