Fun Ways to Make Movie Time Special for Young Kids

Looking for Fun Movie Time Ideas for Kids? Here are some fun ideas to make movie time special with kids.

1. Choose an Age Appropriate Movie

  • Check with your children’s interest.
  • Make sure it isn’t too long as young children tend to loose interest.
  • Choose the one which enriches good moral values.

2. Create a Comfy Set up

Here are some of our favourite ideas.

  • Convert their kiddie pool into a cozy abode.
  • Swing can be used as a snuggly chair.
  • Having their toys along is an awesome idea.

3. Snacks

No movie is complete without popcorn. Don’t forget to make some popcorn and snacks

4. Prep it up

  • Make your own movie tickets. Kids especially young ones love role play
  • Get Dressed in comfortable Clothes.
  • Make a movie Sign
  • Create a wrist band for entry.
  • Food coupons for kids

5. Post Movie Highlight

  • Ask questions about what kids learnt in the movie.
  • Plan a craft along with it.
  • Have a dance Party
  • Most importantly have fun.

Hope you like these ideas!

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7 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Make Movie Time Special for Young Kids”

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  2. I think it’s a great idea to check your child’s interest before choosing a movie.

  3. Love all the set up! Especially making the tickets and the post movie highlights! Definitely want to try some of these ideas for our next movie night!

  4. I so agree with you. Having a comfortable set up, interesting snacks, tickets for the movie at the movie time are such a great ideas.

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