100 Painting with toddler Ideas

Painting with toddlers is Fun and great to enhance their creativity. Here are 100 painting with toddlers ideas to keep them occupied this summer season.

Summers are here and it is the perfect time to make some creative mess. Painting with toddlers is a fun activity.

Here are 100 painting ideas for Preschoolers / toddlers.

Benefits of Painting with Toddlers

  • Develops creativity.
  • Helps to understand the concept of cause and effect.
  • Fosters motor development by improving hand eye coordination.
  • Excellent way of learning colors.
  • Aids in emotional development

1. Bubble Wrap Paint Pour Process Art

2. Racing Car Rainbow Painting

3. Mess Free Color Mixing Process Art

More mess free painting ideas here

4. Fork Painting

Fork Painting for toddlers

5. Oil and Water Process Art

6. Tp Roll Stamps

Tp Roll Stamps Process Painting for toddlers

Tp rolls are so versatile. They can be moulded into any shape to create beautiful painting .

More ideas with tp roll

7. Salt Glue Process Art

Salt Glue Painting for kids


8. Bubble Wrap Process Art

Bubble wrap puddle Painting for toddlers

Video Tutorial on Instagram

9. Block Painted Process Art

Painting with toddler blocks Process art

Block Painting

10. Tape Masked Process Art

11. Splatter Painting Process Art

Splatter Painting

12. Tin Foil Painting

Foil paper Stamp Painting Process Art for toddlers


Grab a crumpled foil, dip it in colour and start stamping on your drawing.

13. Pipette Painting

  • Pipette Painting ideas for toddlers

Check out on Instagram

14. Squirt Bottle Process Art


15. DIY watercolor Process Art

Check out on Instagram

16. Symmetry Painting Process Art


17. Blow Painted Process Art



18. Bubble Wrap Process Art


19. Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

20. Pompom painting Process Art

21. Ice Painting Process Art

22. Leaf Painting Process Art

23. Yarn Pulling Process Art

24. Tissue Paper Painting Process Art

25. Sponge Painted Process Art


26. Balloon Painting Process Art

27. Marble Painting

28. Paint in a box

29. Crayon resist Art

30. Nature elements as Brushes

Nature elements like twigs, leaves, flowers make awesome brushes

31. Lemon Stamp Art

32. Finger Painting

33. Rock Painting

34. Newspaper Art

35. Q tip Painting

36. Oil and Water Painting

37. Magic water Art

38. Paper Plate Painting

39. Pop It Painting

40. Egg Shell Mosaic Art

41. Water Color Chalk Art

42. Chalk Prints

43. Cotton Bud Painting

44. DIY watercolor art with Sketch pens

45. Spray Painting with Toothbrush

46. Painting with Cookie Cutters

47. Cardboard Painting

48. Potato Painting

49. Water Balloon Splatter Painting

50. Palm Painting

51. Thumb Prints

52. Comb Painting

53. Lego Painting

54. Lady finger Painting

55. Rainbow Bread Art

56. Elastic Painting

Make sure to use toddler friendly rubber bands only

57. Foot Art

58. Silhouette Art

59. Painting with a Ball

60. Salad Spinner Art

61. Straw painting

62. Egg Carton Stamp Painting

63. Soda Bottle Painting

64. Painting with rolling pin and bubble wrap

65. Animal toy Prints

66. Popsicle Stick Painting

67. Mango Seed Painting

68. Pistachio Shell Painting

69. Window Art with Washable Paints

70. Puffy Painted Art

71. Sand Art

72. Sling Film Canvas Painting

73. Shaving Foam Art

74. Magic Milk Art

75. Foam Stamp Painting

76. Top Spinning Process Art

77. Nature Spray Painting

Here is some fun under the sun. All you need is a spray bottle with water.

Head outside collect some nature elements like leaves/ flowers.

Place them on the floor.

Next spray some water over it.

Lastly remove the leaves / flowers and see their shape formed.

78. Spoon Stamp Art

79. Airplane Process Art

80. Drip Painting

81. Shower curtain painting activity

82. Shadow Art

83. Mud Painting

84. Foot Painting

85. Puffy Sidewalk chalk Painting

86. Name Art

87. Hammered flower prints

89. Pound Painting

90. Pour Painting

91. Funnel Process Art

92. Nature Rubbing Art

93. Scrape Painting

94. Crumpled Paper Art

95. Canvas Painting

96. Magnet Painting

97. Sunscreen Painting

98. Twisting Art with Paper Plates

99. Foil Tie and Dye Prints

100. Coffee Filter Process Art

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Painting ideas for toddlers

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