10 things fathers need to hear more often from kids

Just because they are men, doesn’t mean that fathers don’t need a word of encouragement!

According to a study father’s day is given less importance as compared to mother’s day.

Dad’s have carried an image of being a macho man, superman but they are actually gentlemen.

They express their feelings differently, make them feel special this father’s day .

Here are 10 things your father needs to hear more often from their children.

1. I love you

2. You inspire me

3. You have given us a lot.

4. You are my best friend

5. You are my strength

6. You are the coolest

7. I will be there for you always

8. Thanks for believing in me

9. Smile more, frown less

10. Let’s spend some more time together!

Is there anything else you want to tell your father? Do let us know!

❤️Here is wishing all the fathers a very happy father’s day!❤️

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